Insomnia during pregnancy

Nausea, hair loss, dry skin... there's easily a tendency to make the hormones responsible for all of its small aches and pains of pregnancy. But in the case of insomnia, the situation of moms-to-be turns out to be a bit more complex. It is, indeed, often a little further that we must seek the causes and symptoms of these disturbances of sleep. Explanations.

Causes of insomnia during pregnancy : how to explain the nights disturbed of moms-to-be ? Dr. Vecchierini : Until the end of the 9th month of pregnancy, the sleep of the mother is far from being uniform. Insomnia are especially for pregnant women, made of awakenings at night, more or less binding. Their causes vary according to the progress of the pregnancy.

During the first quarter, these clocks are rather related to the need to urinate more frequent, which makes the return to sleep more difficult. Result : the day is sometimes marked by fatigue, or even sleepiness. The second factor of sleep disorders until the third month of pregnancy : the nausea. Frequent in the morning, the nausea in the evening contribute to disrupting slow wave sleep (deeper and more restful). Last and not least, the anxiety and the fear of the unknown, very marked in the first quarter, especially in primiparous.

Causes of insomnia during pregnancy : being a mum for the first time, it is therefore to be potentially more prone to insomnia ? Dr. Vecchierini : it All actually depends on the psychological environment of the mom-to-be : this baby has been wanted or not ? The couple does it well ? The mom saw the pregnancy as a physiological event, among others or is it a natural to be apprehensive ? Each mom has its specific characteristics and its experience. You can't generalise, but be aware that in the anxious affected by insomnia, relaxation can really be effective.

Causes of insomnia during pregnancy : how do these sleep disorders evolving in the future ? Dr. Vecchierini : The second trimester of pregnancy usually marks a period of accalamie even if it's from the 4th month of pregnancy, some moms-to-be are starting to "suffer" from snoring.

It is in the third trimester of pregnancy that sleep deteriorates generally again, under the effect of foetal movements... but not only ! The weight of the abdomen may be the cause of a gastro-esophageal reflux that causes of acid reflux, expectant mothers can experience problems breathing, have a sore back or sore legs (restless legs syndrome), have cramps or joint pain - related syndrome, carpal tunnel... All of these factors are involved in the difficulty falling asleep and nocturnal awakenings.

Causes of insomnia during pregnancy : the "insomnia" of the pregnant woman is pursuing them after the birth ?

Dr. Vecchierini : Usually, insomnia – that are often linked to other ailments of pregnancy – to soothe themselves after the birth of the child. By contrast, when women are asked to prone to insomnia, chronic when was actually their sleep disorders, they tend to associate them with their infant (crying baby, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed). The environment for true insomnia, therefore, is rather that of the baby and the pregnancy.