Lifestyle Influence On Your Sleep


You may have a hectic week and a furious desire to sleep in on the weekend, your body of not hear in this ear... constantly changing the time at which you go to sleep, and when you get up, you déréglez your biological clock, which no longer knows what to hold. Result : you are getting to sleep, and are too often tired. Then, to the extent possible, keep yourself at a steady pace : you will feel quickly the difference.


To find sleep more easily, there's nothing like the routine. According to a ritual still the same before you go to bed (tea, remove make-up, shower, brushing of teeth), you send your brain a signal that tells it that it will soon be time to rest. Thus, the preparation of your body for sleep before you put it to bed, and you find sleep more quickly.


Do you sleep in your clothes for yoga ? Do you spend a few hours reading a book in bed on a Sunday afternoon ? You do not throw the stone, but be aware that these small habits may well affect the quality of your sleep. The specialists are formal : it is important to get to Morpheus which belongs to Morpheus. Babydoll with ruffles or t-shirt XXL, it is up to you, but have specific clothing, which doesn't serve you to sleep. Similarly, re-sacralisez your bed : it is neither a sofa nor a picnic area, but the cocoon of your sleep. And wake up, quit the faster the bed and your pajamas... You will find it in the evening.


It is a simple rule, but we ignore it often. The ideal temperature of a room is around 18°C. in An environment much colder than the 20°C recommended in other parts makes your body more conducive to falling asleep. If you're a big chilly and the thermometer of your room is 24°C, don't feel obliged to make such a leap : a decrease of one or two degrees could already have significant results.


To find better sleep, everything does not happen in the evening. Naturally, the body wants to follow the cycle of the sun : awake by day, asleep at night. Unfortunately, a long time ago that our way of life no longer follows that of the sun. Also, it is very important to compensate for the rhythmic movement anti-natural in exposure to natural light during the day, especially in the morning, to regulate your internal clock. Take the air in the day, get off a subway station before walking up to the office, in short, enjoy the light of day !


There are a thousand and one reasons to exercise. But did you know that the athletes sleep better than sedentary ? No need to be a fierce : even moderate, regular physical activity has beneficial effects on the quality and duration of sleep. It would help even to reduce sleep disorders in people involved. So before you grab that box of sleeping pills, go for a jog ! ...BUT NOT BEFORE SLEEPING

Attention however : it is better to stop your sports activities for at least 3 hours before you go to bed. Unless you opt for a discipline is gentle and relaxing, such as yoga or pilates, which will help you to relax at the end of the day. On the other hand, an intensive physical activity increases body temperature (which is not conducive to falling asleep), and boosts the production of hormones that keep your body awake. So we forget the zumba class to 21 hours !


This is not a legend : the screens interfere with sleep. Television, smartphone, tablet, all of these devices radiate a light blue artificial which disrupts the production of melatonin (a hormone that helps the body to fall asleep). Ideally, it would be necessary to banish these screens at least two hours before going to bed. A habit that many of us have lost in the Twenty-first century... So if this thought gives you a cold sweat, be sure to at least sharply reduce the brightness of your screens a few hours before going to sleep.


If coffee and tea are your faithful companions during the day, you will most likely have to reconsider your habits. The caffeine would have effects exciting for almost 10 hours ! Also, it is generally recommended to stop drinking coffee at least 8 hours before bedtime. Exit, the cappuccino in the middle of the afternoon ! And don't expect to comfort you with a cup of tea, or a cola : they also contain stimulants. These are hiding everywhere, sometimes where we don't expect. So if you tend to have trouble falling asleep, watch them closely !


The list of things that affect the onset of sleep, add alcohol and meals that are too heavy, too fatty, too sweet. To clarify : everything is usually an excellent Christmas dinner, for example. A digestion is adversely on the quality of sleep, and if the alcohol can have a stunning sleep, the sleep is disturbed, and little repair. So if you don't want to deprive you for ever of restaurant dinners or aperitifs between friends, make sure to limit your excesses of the night as much as possible... You will sleep better !