Natural remedies for Depression

One day, it struck me, without warning. It may come gradually, but for me it happened like that, suddenly a beautiful day (a bad one !), I woke up tired. Horribly tired. I was awake, but in the stop mode total. As paralyzed. Negative thoughts head full. Since then, they fill me up and not leave me no respite : I chew the cud, stare, one calling the other, and so on, in a loop.

My world is grey. Me usually so willing and enthusiastic, I went into prostration. My sadness is indifferent to everything. My home, always cheerful and colorful, it appears to me that grey, worn. I live in a gangue of despair, where even the sleep, full of nightmares, I pulled not.

Whatever happens around me, nothing soothes the sadness that suffocates me. The oppression is so strong that it makes me want to cry. I understand nothing, I cry without warning in front of the children, at work, in the bus or the subway. The guilt overwhelms me, I am guilty of falling apart, not to ensure the daily, not to be a parent attentive to?

I don't feel more love towards those that I love. Responsible for everything that goes wrong, disgusted me : "I'm nothing... I'm good at nothing... no one... lousy... ". I have like a cancer of the soul. If you are in a deep depression, then like me you're indifferent to all that we can tell you.

The emergency justifies everything, even the worst solution

Michel Dogna you can say that the solution of the chemical straitjackets is the way of the devil that will lead you to a slow death. In the long run, it is safe, he is perfectly right. But in the immediate future, if you're really on the edge to get rid of this suffering by getting rid of yourself, I advise you to arrange this with the devil because only emergency treatment can save you.

Melancholy is a word that is now commonplace. But it is a medical emergency which requires first aid. And emergency medicine there is no substitute for allopathy. Here, as before a heart attack or STROKE, no mantra, no plant, no food supplement shall not act fast enough to save you. In the case of melancholy severe, only sedated will prevent you go to the act. You will have all the time to get rid of them later...

Consult a shrink ?

Will you have the courage ? No ! When we are in trouble, three-quarters of the time, we are going to see his gp who has not studied these pathologies, such as the psychiatrist, who is not necessarily going to engage in a true dialogue and that will not be able to make the correct diagnosis.

Severe depression, moderate, or slight ? Simple depression ? Anxiety or stress a passenger ? For the generalist, it's all the same : he will not hesitate to prescribe anxiolytics and antidepressants. And if this is not justified (which is most often the case), if you're not at the edge of the cliff, this will make you plunge into a deep psychological imbalance that taking psychotropic drugs long-term will maintain.

No, the diagnosis of depression requires experience, tact, the finesse, the sense of the human and of the exchange. This is why the deceased Pr Edouard Zarifian, a psychiatrist and author of books strong (" The gardeners of madness ", " The force of healing "...), has always advocated. This therapist is very sensitive to the suffering of others was one of the first to denounce the medicalization extremes of the depression and over-prescription of psychotropic medications.

All psychiatrists are not Zarifian, but most are at least able to tell you what happens to you really, and at first it is the most important. But I think that you will not go see the psych, it is a decision that is made later, when we see that the depression does not pass, and that it is the result of a knot is deeply buried. When we are depressed, we just want to silence you isolation. Then the psy, the whole world speak to you, you should go for it... but you will not go.

I will not say to you that everyone repeats to you. At my bedside, a buddy told me " Shake yourself ", my wife "Make an effort" and my mother " Take on you "... All this time I can't hear. I would have liked to hear : "You know that I'm here... ", " Do what you can, tomorrow you'll see ", " Hear it is hard but I am all c?ur with you ", "you have to get treated, that's all, "" what is it that is annoying people that always go well "...

As long as one has not experienced oneself of a loss of control of his psychic functioning, we live in the illusion of any power in respect of it, and it is believed that her husband, his girlfriend or his son who "troll" could make an effort at least to get out of bed, washing, dressing.

But expect that from a person into depression it's like asking a man a paraplegic he rises from his chair and starts to walk !!! Others have advised me to see the world, do some sport, yoga, walks in nature, meditate...

Depression is an illness that creates or recreates the thoughts of the dark than you can imagine. Then we said he must have a change of ideas. But it is without counting that it is accompanied by a physical tiredness which does not yield at rest or after a night of sleep (short seen insomnia as a second part of night symptomatic). So, your thinking slows and your movement also. You're exhausted of being exhausted, unable to act. You are ashamed and you support neither yourself nor the other. So naturally, this kind of advice...

I also heard him say : "After the rain the weather is nice" or " don't worry, the wheel turns ! ". Here you are in the middle of nothing, eaten up by the anxiety and you will be asked to use what you have lost : hope. And in this nothingness sticky, good souls going up to advise you on exercises of positive thoughts or reading a good old Eckhart Tolle. If they only knew...

It even tells you that depression is a crisis of growth, a chance to grow (Whoa) and there's even a book that explains "How to succeed in a depression" (hang up the phone rather than the ceiling, etc)...

Other you explain that if you are depressed, it is that you are a great person : generous (a correlation has been established between depression and the ability to feel worthwhile to others), smart (more lucid than the other), spiritual (a study has concluded that the more spiritual or religious, the more likely the depression). It makes me a nice leg and if that is truly the case, I am no one to be there. I would have preferred to be a big c.. !

And as it is the fashion, we are going to tell you to eat this or that to back up your neurotransmitters (dopamine, noradrenaline, adrenaline, serotonine, GABA). To consume, as I read on a newsletter received in my email box, wheat germ, peas, poultry, bio, lenses... concoct small dishes ? A shame when you are not able to swallow a pizza quickly heated up or a cassoulet in a box in front of the tv, with a few sweets, history of you to be dumbed down... And do all of that with a bottle of course.

The buddies will help you still. Alcohol is the antidepressant best shared but getting drunk, is to expose to the hangover... which always happens.

The only gesture possible, take a pill

We should stop telling stories and let's get back to reality. By definition, a person depressed is not able to hear the 10th of what you say to him. And it will not the quarter of the 10th. Then leaves to do the minimum the minimum to get by, might as well do the right thing : swallow a pill. This requires no effort and it is good because it is so simple that we have managed to put a maximum number of people under psychotropic drugs.

We repeat it enough : France is world champion in the consumption of psychotropic drugs per head of population with 11 million regular users of antidepressants and anxiolytics. The "pink-pill" is imposed as the panacea.

We know, however, that 89% of depressive patients do not derive a benefit clinically significant effects of the antidepressants they are prescribed (these molecules are effective only for the most severe cases) and that they induce heavy side effects and severe withdrawal symptoms. In the end, they increase the risk of relapse after healing.

So if the pill is the only feasible solution, it is better to resort to some plants extracts as efficient as the synthetic chemicals and much less harmful. For mild depression or moderate, there are very good "antidepressants" natural, st. john's wort and saffron in the lead, hypnotics and sedatives of the nervous system are just as effective.

The " Hunting Devil ", better than the Deroxat The fact that medicine continues to ignore superbly the solutions of the herbal medicine is no stranger to our record of consumption of psychotropic substances. In England and Germany, for example, 60% of all depressions are treated by natural remedies.

In addition to-Rhine, many doctors prescribe a long-time st. john's wort. Plant solar, st. john's wort heals many wounds, including those of the soul and nerves.

It is in the Middle ages that appear the first applications in this indication antidepressant. At this time the learned scholars called him the " Fuga daemonium ", Hunting the Devil : they attributed the power to ward off evil spirits (depression and melancholy were seen as forms of diabolical possession). It will take yet several centuries so that the modern medicine is interested in this property that is identified through two active principles, the hyperforine and hypericin.