How to cure insomnia?

The insomnia seems to be a common problem for those who do not suffer from or little and excruciating for those who suffer from it chronically. It can lead to chronic fatigue of course, but also a depression, a feeling of exhaustion and it can become impossible to enjoy life. Yet, we know the solutions to cure insomnia.

The solution what is it ? Especially not for the medications, sleeping pills have little effect, and resulting in an addiction. Of course, they make you sleep at night you take them, but they never heal your anxiety, or your difficulty in falling asleep, returning to sleep, not to wake you up in the night or in the early morning. Worse, they make you enter the world of addiction. Because if you start taking a sleeping pill, you have put the finger in the gear of the drug. You will then have all evenings, with doses of increasingly strong and this will be less efficient. However, a sleeping pill may occasionally be of service, and it is in this perspective that they are authorized for sale : over a very short period of time.

The solution, are not sleeping pills plants. These treatments can render service and to avoid entering the addiction to the chemistry of sleeping pills medical. But they do not cure the anxiety.

The treatment of insomnia is cognitive-behavioural therapy practiced by a trained specialist. This treatment insomnia without medication. It is to educate, re-educate your brain to make you sleep. This is not instant, it takes two months of treatment, but it's worth it since it is healing.

What is the principle to cure insomnia ?

It has three axes on which a specialist can work with you : The control of the stimulus : for sleeping, you must learn to avoid that which awakens you (stimulus negative), and go to this that can stimulate sleep (positive stimulus). For example, you will avoid coffee or tea, exercise late in the evening, the computer screens (the light they produce prevents sleep), the noise... instead, You need to do what helps you sleep : to have a temperature suitable to, a bed and a quality mattress of the physical exercise during the day, take a hot bath at least 2 hours before bedtime and don't get too hot in the room. These are only a few examples of elements to explore with the therapist.

Cognitive restructuring : if you sleep poorly, it is because you have false ideas about normal sleep and they will parasitize. The therapist will help you to evacuate them and replace them with realistic thoughts. For example, "when you wake up in the night, it is impossible to go back to sleep, "or," I should fall asleep in a few seconds in the evening ", or even " a normal sleep, is to sleep at once "

Sleep restriction : it may seem strange, but restrict the sleep aid to to find it. You will need to with the therapist, fill out a book of sleep and to establish a program of your nights : get up always at the same time and you sleep at a time such that you will tend to miss a little sleep. And not to remain to turn in your bed without sleeping. In a few weeks, a treatment followed rehabilitates the area of your brain that had forgotten to sleep ! To succeed in returning to sleep, it is necessary to get help from a psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist behaviorist, and it takes approximately one session per week for 2 months, alone or in a group.

So, good nap to you ! (uh no, the nap is prohibited during the treatment then, good night, rather !) And if you have managed to redormir thanks to these methods, share a testimony with us, it would make me really happy !