• Diagnosing of anxiety disorders. Type definition. Causes.
  • Individual therapy for the treatment of anxiety disorders
  • Relevant and effective medications for the treatment of anxiety disorders
  • Natural anti-anxiety remedies


  • Diagnosing of depression. Causes of insomnia. How to prevent?
  • Therapy for the treatment of mental disorders
  • Actual medications for the depression treatment
  • Natural remedies for mental health

Anxiety definition

Fear is a basic and normal feeling that every human knows. In most situations, this feeling has an important warning function - fear warns us of dangers. The anxiety-related physical responses (for example increased heartbeat) to make a rapid response to the threat (e.g., escape). Of an anxiety disorder, one speaks only when people are in situations that are not actually dangerous, experience exaggerated feelings of anxiety. The Affected are not able to explain their strong inappropriate emotions.

You know that your feelings are unfounded, but see no way to control the Fears. That's why you try to avoid situations in which they react with fear. In the long term, it restricts this behavior in their everyday lives. The second group is non-directional Fears that occur without a specific external trigger. The panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.

Depression defenition

Depression is a disease that affects the body, mood and Thinking. It affects how a person eats and sleeps, how he feels and how he thinks. A depressive disorder is not the same as a temporary despondency. It is not a sign of personal weakness or a condition that can be overcome with will power or desire. People with a depressive illness cannot just pull together and recover.

Why are some people depressed and not others? Why only such a small part of the patient to be completely free of depression? The answer to this question we find in the different causes. These causes can be divided into 3 points:

  • 1. internal stress factors
  • 2. lack of internal resources (inner strength)
  • 3. external stress factors

Insomnia defenition

Insomnia is a condition to sleep to get in it is difficult, or remain error-free, with the result of the short and low-quality sleep, sleeping, affect the normal Work. It causes fatigue and daytime sleepiness. It is classified as acute and lasts for a few days, or weeks, or chronic when it lasts longer than a month. The affected Person feels as if he has not slept at all, or feels tired, and Waking unrefreshed. Sleep, with frequent Awakenings disturbed. The Embarrassing Wake up in the early hours of the Morning is another symptom. Other Insomniacs may take to sleep to get a long time.

    Causes of chronic insomnia
  • Certain diseases, such as depression, stroke, heartburn, Alzheimer's or Arthritis.
  • Medications
  • Drugs or alcohol
  • Sleep disorders such as sleep Apnea.
  • Disturbed sleep environment, such as other people in the bedroom, the noise, or the presence of too much light.

Half of all people will know the feeling of insomnia for a more or less extended period of time in your life. But only those who fight longer than a year and a half, has chronic insomnia. Women are affected more often than men. Usually insomnia manifests itself as a difficulty within a reasonable period of time – about 20 minutes – to fall asleep. In others it is characterized by an inability to sleep through the night: they lie during the night for several hours, without being able to go back to sleep.

If the total sleep time within the 24-hour cycle under the value of the individual Person is necessary, the result is a day tiredness. Typical for Insomniker is that you can't sleep, in spite of this fatigue during the day (and should not). They are less resilient, easily irritable, and only the concentration is limited. Not only the night but also the day of torture. This often affects women who are family-and professionally challenged. At some point you are no longer able, in the evening, unwind and relax – what is the sleep requirement.

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